Dr hab. Marek Wiśniewski prof. UMK

Nicolaus Copernicus University
Physicochemistry of Carbon Materials Research Group 7, Gagarin St., 87-100 Toruń, POLAND
Phone +48-56-611-4507
E-mail: marekw@umk.pl
Room: 243

Research Information

Professional Experience:

One of the members of Physicochemistry of Carbon Materials Research Group in Faculty of Chemistry, NCU, Toruń since January 2006.

Current research interests:

Physical chemistry, adsorption, thermodynamics of adsorption, surface chemistry and catalytic properties of carbon materials, heterogeneous catalysis, quantum chemistry description of adsorption of gases, vapours and liquids on carbons

Personal Information

Date and place of birth: October 18, 1970, Toruń, Poland


1998MSc in Chemistry from NCU, Toruń;
1995PhD in Physical Chemistry from NCU, Toruń; Dissertation: Carbon films as a model material in the study of the mechanism of the catalytic reduction of nitric oxide by ammonia